Rachel's Remedy Nursing Relief

$ 19.95

Rachel's Remedy is the only moist heat or cooling relief product for nursing mothers. Easy to use, and even easier to wear- it slips easily into a bra, for on-the-go treatment. Comfortable and gentle on the skin, Rachel's Remedy comes with a flaxseed filled pillow insert to warm in the microwave or chill in the freezer. Simply slip it into the waterproof pouch, and then into your bra for soothing treatment on-the-go. A soft, organic cotton cloth can be moistened under warm or cold water and attached to the pouch, to wear against the skin.

  • Helps With Preventing Mastitis
  • Relieve Plugged Ducts and Milk Blebs 
  • Must-Have For Every Nursing Mom
  • Made in the USA

Includes: One Moist Heat Relief Pack  

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