Tegu Magnetic Blocks Set - Daredevil

$ 35.00

Are you ready to build a finely-tuned racecar that’s primed to let loose? With four magnetic wheels and dozens of possible block creations, this brave stunter from Tegu never shies away from a challenge! Ready to rev-up the fun and race all day, Daredevil believes life is best lived to the limit. Fully compatible with other Tegu sets, perfect for those seeking toys that support unscripted play. Made from sustainably sourced hardwoods, the heirloom quality toy will last for generations. Appropriate for ages 1-99.

Includes: 12 pieces in 6 shapes: 2 Long Planks, 2 Short Planks, 1 Cube, 1 Parallelogram, 1 Daredevil Chassis, 1 Stunt Team Character, and 4 Wheels; Inspiration Manual

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