Magbot Magnetic Blocks Set

$ 30.00

Meet your new magnetic friend from Tegu who’s ready to help you with whatever you need! Being a robot, Magbot is super-duper smart, loves Science and extremely logical. But don’t be fooled - it doesn’t take much for this playful pal to fall to pieces! Fully compatible with other Tegu Magnetic Block Sets, attractive for those seeking toys that support open and unscripted play. Made from naturally safe sustainable hardwoods making it a heirloom-quality toy that will last generations! Made for ages 1-99.

Includes 9 piece 9 blocks in 6 shapes: 2 Long Planks, 2 Short Planks, 2 Treads, 1 Magbot Head, 1 Torso, and 1 Wheel; Inspiration Manual

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